Yoga at the Brighton Buddhist Centre

Yoga classes and courses at the Brighton Buddhist Centre

Yoga is an ancient discipline of body and mind that develops physical health and mental poise. Integrating mind and body, yoga practice promotes awareness and a general sense of well being, based on building strength, flexibility, balance and the release of tension. Although Yoga and Buddhism are different spiritual traditions, practice of Yoga postures can be complementary to Buddhist meditation, as well as a means in its own right to physical vitality and mental relaxation.

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We teach four styles of yoga:
The style of each class is indicated by a letter key:
Iyengar (I), Vajrasati (V), Hatha (H) and Astanga (A).

Vajrasati yoga explores awareness through the postures (asanas), developing flexibility, tension release and well-being.

Iyengar yoga emphasises correct alignment and the interplay of body, breath,and mind.

Hatha yoga: postures and breathing techniques to keep you strong yet relaxed whilst refining inner perception.

Astanga yoga combines postures into flowing and dynamic set sequences.

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